Using GPR at the Fort Lauderdale Airport

The Fort Lauderdale Airport has been making countless changes in recent years. As a result, they’ve had Ground Penetrating Radar out there sporadically working alongside them in different projects. Recently, they were tasked with adding multiple steel plates to several beams. Normally, this would not be such a complicated job because the beams would not be filled with too many reinforcing bars that could hinder them from finding their coring locations. However, things were very different this time around and a bit problematic because, each time they drilled, they would hit multiple rebar.

In light of that, in an effort to avoid wasting their time guessing where to drill and to avoid damaging the beams, the crew at Fort Lauderdale Airport decided to call out Ground Penetrating Radar to help them locate all of the rebars. We were happy to lend our services and demonstrate our expertise in concrete scanning. They knew that with our technology we could successfully identify and mark all of the rebars for them, thus providing them with an efficient way to complete their work and ensure success.

Once on site, the GPRS professional was escorted from the gate to the area where he would be working. Immediately the GPRS professional noticed that many holes were drilled on the beams, each highlighted with yellow to signify where they’d hit a rebar (see picture below). After going over all safety measures and communicating with the foreman about the scope of work, the GPRS professional put on his harness, got on the scissor lift and began scanning the beams. The biggest challenge for this job was maneuvering around a couple ceiling pipes that prevented the GPRS expert from reaching the areas he needed to scan. Eventually, the GPRS professional had to get off the scissor lift and get on a ladder behind the pipes to complete the work. Everything else was easy due to how efficient the ground penetrating radar was in picking up a signal for the rebars.

After locating all of the rebars within their scope of work, the GPRS professional explained all of the findings with the site contact before demobilization.

Below, you will see a picture depicting Peterson Jean-Baptiste, of GPRS, Inc. scanning on the Beam with the GPR device. If you would like to receive a proposal for similar work please visit the “Contact-Us” page at

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