UST/Private Utility locate in Chicago, IL

Working in conjunction with a UST removal firm a GPR scan was performed at a local area high school to locate utilities and the two dimensional foot print of the underground storage tank.  Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) was to locate and mark utilities and anomalies that were in the way of the removal process.  The reason GPR scans are used on areas like this is to provide a cost effective and a productive means to determine what is below the surface at the site.  This information can then be used to help remediate and rehab the site for use today.

GPRS of Chicago was able to conduct the scan and locate the extent of the tank and the utilities directly in the area around the tank.

Underground storage tank and utility locating is a common application for GPRS technicians.   If you have any questions regarding the use of Ground Penetrating Radar for concrete scanning or underground imaging on your job site in Illinois, Wisconsin or Northwest Indiana, please contact John Lause at 312-485-7725 or

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