USTs Detected Outside an Former Police Station Prior to Selling Property

Prior to selling or developing properties, the parties involved need to determine if any underground storage tanks are still present on the site. Nobody wants to be stuck with the cost & headache of removing any unknown underground storage tanks with a property they just purchased. Ground Penetrating Radar is an excellent tool to utilize when determining if any UST’s are still present at a site.

An Environmental Company had a project at an former police station in Detroit MI where they were asked to determine if any underground storage tanks were present on the property prior to developing the land. There weren’t any records confirming or denying if any UST’s were still present on the property. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Michigan was contacted to investigate the parcel to provide answers to some of the questions regarding remaining UST’s onsite. GPRS utilized a 400 MHz antenna to investigate the areas. The technology used provided real time results for everyone involved. During the investigation GPRS identified a couple of possible areas where an underground storage tank could still be present. They were able to communicate the suspect areas to the environmental company for further investigation.

The next time you have a need to locate sub-surface objects in Michigan, contact Regional Manager, Thaddeus Bullock at 734.377.4551 or GPRS also utilizes a high resolution concrete antenna to locate embedded conduits, reinforcing steel, voids, etc. Please contact Thaddeus Bullock or visit our website at for a complete listing of our national locations.

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