Utility and Void Locating at an Existing Building

Chicago, IL

Several investors have bought an existing building and are making plans to turn it into a processing center.

The current equipment has been removed from the building and the new equipment will soon be moved in.

In order to get the new equipment into the building, large cranes are being used in several locations around the building. A local contractor has been contracted to retrofit the building for the processing center.

This contractor contacted GPRS to use Ground Penetrating Radar and Radio Detection to find any utilities or voids in the areas that the cranes are going to sit.

Technician Michael Flis was able to use the Radio Detection wand and the 400 MHz radar to find electric, water, sewer, and fire protection water lines in the area where the cranes are to be set. All lines were marked out in paint on the ground so when the cranes arrive it can be set in an area that will not cause damage to any of the utilities.

The blue markings in this photo indicate water lines that are the fire protection system. The green markings in this photo indicate storm sewer lines, and the orange markings are anomalies that could be seen with GPR but couldn’t be definitely determined what they were. The blue markings indicate water lines that are the fire protection system. Green markings are storm sewer lines.

Please contact Michael Flis at 773.499.9854 or email michael.flis@gp-radar.com to assist you on your next project.

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