Utility Locating at Water Treatment Plant in Phoenix, AZ

GPRS in Arizona was called to locate utilities on site by Okland Construction. The contractor was installing new solar fields at the City of Phoenix Water Treatment Plant near Lake Pleasant. The process involved boring and digging into the ground to place posts that would hold the solar panels. The contractor was concerned about hitting utilities in the area.

GPRS was able to locate the utilities using both Ground Penetrating Radar technology and an RD7000 Radio Detection utility wand to scan for utilities in the proposed areas.  GPRS was able to locate live power, communication and water lines in the areas. GPRS marked all findings with spray paint and flags directly on the surface. After the markings, the contractor was able to begin the project immediately. The real time markings allowed the contractor to keep the project on time and budget.

Please contact your local representative, Brad Goforth to learn more about utility locating at 480-227-8614 or brad.goforth@gp-radar.com. We offer GPR and Utility services Nationwide.

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