What To Do Instead Of “Hammer Testing”

GPRS, LLC of Miami Florida recently was contracted to scan concrete CMU block walls to confirm the location and presence of rebar and grout within the walls.  As the shell contractor grouted the walls, some areas were not complete grouted due to site conditions at the time of the pouring/pumping.  Instead of “hammer testing” the whole building to confirm the proper grout location GPRS was called in to scan each of the proposed grout locations to confirm the presence of slurry/concrete.  Throughout each floor of the building, CMU walls were scanned and where voids were found they were painted with yellow spray paint.

Peterson Jean-Baptiste was the Project Manager completing the scans on site.  Equipped with the GSSI Mini XT, he was able to quickly and efficiently move along the walls to scan for voids or rebar.  In the image below you can see Peterson checking his work on a wall that he just completed scanning.  Near the bottom of the wall you can see orange paint marks, which indicate the proposed grout locations.  Additionally, the areas painted in yellow are the precise CMU cells that had not been grouted properly and needed to be revisited later to receive the proper amount of grout.  Following the investigation, Peterson was able to communicate all the findings to the Project Manager for the general contractor on site in order to better make decisions on how to proceed moving forward.  If you need GPRS to investigate one of your projects or want to know more about what GPRS can accomplish for your team, please visit


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