Before the installation of a handrail for a grand staircase, Ground Penetrating Radar was brought to the future Comcast Office overlooking the new Atlanta Braves baseball stadium.

The goal was to locate all reinforcing found within the slab and to identify the post tension cables so that they would not be struck when installing the anchors for the handrail. Our GPRS consultant was able to properly identify the different types of reinforcing surrounding the nine floors of the stair case using the 1600 MHz antenna which is capable of penetrating concrete up to 18” thick. The antenna relays its signal to a SIR-3000 computer system which displays the geophysical data.

When found, the reinforcing was marked on the surface of the concrete with a wax marker per the customer’s request. This was to allow for visible marks on the surface that would still be easily cleaned after the installation. GPRS technicians can mark findings using a variety of materials including permanent marker, marking paint, flags, wax marker, tape and chalk. This allows us to showcase our results and give our customers markings that will stay for as long as they would like.

If you would like a price or quote for a slab on grade, elevated slab, or structural scan to locate reinforcing and conduits, please visit the “contact us” page at to contact your local GPRS representative.

– Patrick Moulin, Project Manager, Georgia

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